Passion for big shoes

Louis Big Shoes is the first store in Rome for those looking for shoes with large numbers: from 47 to 53 for men (with models up to 56) and from 41 to 47 for women. The store is located in via Sistina 26, just few steps from Piazza Barberini and it is the reference point for those who are looking for a shoe that is suitable for your body, comfortable and at the right price. If you have visited a lot of shoe shops but you can not find the right shoe that suits your foot, here you will. We have shoes for every occasion: smart shoes in large sizes, sneakers, lace-ups, trainers, casual boots, ankle boots, boots, amphibians, men's and women's shoes only large numbers.


Come visit us at our store or if you prefer buy directly from this website.


Shipping throughout Italy at advantageous prices and all over the world upon request.


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