Big shoes for big feet

The trends for this winter

Ankle boots, plimsolls, slippers: all the new shoes from Fashion Weeks in New York, Paris, Milan and London.


Which shoes will we focus on next Autumn Winter 2017/2018? The sightings of the trends come from the catwalks of the whole world and starting from New York, passing from Milan, Paris and finally London, they already dictate the style thermometer. A return is already quite clear: plimsolls and moderate heels welcome back. Pointed anklets remain a must. Sildren and tights in winter are once again worn, the stiletto heels are worn strictly on bare feet, or with very wide-meshed tights. Top colors? Brown is the new black, but also a lot of shiny black and white. The iridescent mood remains a must: silver and gold on all (super flat slippers especially). Favorite materials? From the luxurious python of laces, to fur through the velvet in super revival of the Seventies. 

The return of classic shoes

Like a nice tailored suit, even a beautiful handmade shoe requires a long series of gestures comparable to millennial rituals: measurement, design, cut, workmanship, stitching. It is estimated that to make a pair of handmade men's shoes, francesina, derby, moccasin, it takes 4 whole working days. English, American or Italian what you need to know is that the Italian ones have a fairly flexible sole and a soft upper, while the British and American ones, although comfortable, generally have a stiffer sole and upper.


For an elegant look, the lace-up shoes are really a must, because they complete the outfit impeccably and with a touch of class and refinement.


We recommend opting for shoes with classic and clean lines, in opaque or glossy leather and, strictly, black; perfect to combine with a classic trousers, a slim-fit turtleneck sweater and a long double-breasted coat.

Famous bigfoots

The biggest foot in the world: shoes number 59


The 20 year old Venezuelan Jeison Orlando Rodriguez Hernandez has conquered a Guinness: he is the man with the longest feet in the world. His right foot is 40.1 cm long while the left foot 39.6: he wears what in Europe corresponds to a number 59.


The 20-year-old has thus snatched the record of the longest foot in the world to another recordman, the Turkish Sultan Kosen, who wears "only" a 57. Kosen however remains the tallest man with his 2.51 meters, while the young Venezuelan for now stands still at 2.20 meters.


Rodriguez now relies on his shoes to a German shoemaker, Georg Wessels, specializing in extra-large measures, but before making his acquaintance he always had to arrange: «Since I was 14 - he said - I always made shoes with the fabric from the trousers, which broke in two weeks. So I often went barefoot.»