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Big Shoes for Big Feet

LOUIS BIG SHOES is the oldest and most well-stocked shoe store "only large sizes" in the capital. Created to meet the need of many people, men and women who have difficulty in finding shoes of their number. In the years, the store has created increasingly rich collections ranging from elegant shoe to trainers, from casual to trendy, to meet the needs of customers.
Browse the models of the Men's Collection and the Women's Collection and find the one that suits your foot.

No shop allows you to choose from such a large collection of models ranging up to number 56!

Many people think that having a big body or feet is a problem but it is not. Louis Big Shoes has long understood the needs of customers: Italians and foreigners with big feet who want to be able to dress every day in a new way, wearing different shoes for every occasion; without having to resort to expensive custom-made shoes.

The women's collection of large numbers shoes is also growing. Tall women have great feet and here they can find shoes that start from number 41 to 47, without having to give up style and femininity. We have large size boots, high boots, ankle boots, plimsolls, moccasins and formal shoes for all feet.
The shop shows curious newspaper articles that recall the sports champions and other famous faces of the cinema and entertainment, known for their "very big feet".